About Me:

Hi im Kelly a SAH Mum to Evie & Freya (Aka Fifi). Im 28 years old and Married to Andy who is just the best dad and husband ever.  I just love anything sensory and messy and am a strong believer that sensory play helps to enhance my little ones learning experiences. 


Evie is 18 months and our first child. She is an absolute pleasure to have around with such an amazing imagination. If shes not being cheeky then shes got her hands into something. Very Bright child with loads of love to give.




Hello and welcome to my page which is totally dedicated to my beautiful daughters Evie and Freya. Everyday is such a blessing when I get to spend it playing with my children. I hope you enjoy my blogs and what I do and get stuck into some fun sensory and messy play.....So Let's Get Messy!!!


Freya is 3 months old and our second child...(and last). Shes known as Fifi in our house. Such a great little girl but boy is she laid back. Complete opposite to evie who was such a rocket as a baby, Fifi likes to chill and sleep. She loves a glow bath and loves to splash. 

The paws

We also have a Cat named Dice who believes hes a dog and we have a Dog called Tillie who belives shes a Cat. As mad as hatters the pair of them but love their little friends. 

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